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Fulfilled Tip #7 - Bad things do happen to good people.

Stuff Happens. Stuff Happens to good people. Stuff happens to bad people. It's a part of this cyclical world we live in. So many people beleive that if you are good to others, only good will befall you and thats not true. Yes if you do good things, good things will happen to you, but it doesn't work as a protection mechanism from the ills of life. 

I'm firm believer that everyting in life comes to teach you and prepare you for what comes next. If nothing is ever a challenge, you will never be able to maintain somehting at higher altitude. As in climbing and in life, the high you go, the harder it is to brieath unless of course you are elevated over time. 

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Fulfilled Tip # 6 - Greed will bury even the lucky eventually.

Want to a know a secret? I strongly relate to the men in "Wolf of Wall Street" and "Wizard of Lies." Both movies are set on wall street and are true stories of men who went to prison for various forms of financial fraud in the stock market. It is never my goal to defraud anyone but I would be inclined to believe that neither of those men began with the goal to rip anyone off.  That is one of the scariest realities in the world for me, With a degree in Finance and a degree economics it coud be easy to understand. This summer I visited New York City, and got to spend a good amount of time on Wall Street alone. I felt at home on Wall Street, but I hated New York. The Moment I stepped on Wall Street, though, I felt kindred spirits with the aura there. 

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Fulfilled tip #5 - The greatest truths in life are uncovered with simple, steady awareness

Some of the greatest epiphanies in my life didn't come from deep thought or intentional meditation. The moments that have revealed the course for the next little bit of my life came in moments when I was simply present. My first book came to me title and all while I was going for my daily swim. My second book came while I was teaching a group of 50 teenagers. I realized something I had been looking for in a person had been sitting in front me for 3 years.  

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Fulfilled Tip #4 - Emotions make us human.

I had a conversation a month or so ago that didn't quite go the way that I expected it to. As a matter of fact it hasn't quite fit into any of 67634 scenarios I imagined. Maybe because the conversation isn't complete, which sounds bonkers because it's been closer to two months since we sat down. Something happened though that I didn't expect, and it shook me to my core: I went numb. I couldn't feel any of my emotions. It was weird at first but it soon became unnerving because I was knocking a number of milestones off my list but I couldn't recall how I felt in those spaces because I didn't feel. Everything was bleh, which made the experiences inexperienced. I was there I did them, the honors were conferred to me but I missed them. 

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FULFILLED TIP #2 - Being an adult can be fun when you are acting like a child.

I am a huge advocate for stepping out and adventuring. Just last summer, I went ATVing in the Mohave Desert, swimming in the colorado river, white water rafting in the Chattahoochee river, tubing in the cahaba river, and I'm about to hop on a plane and head to Australia to see what that what that oyster hold for me. A life well lived, has to be lived. Sitting in safety is cute and everything, but it doesn't make for stories that dazzle your grandchildren. Sitting in safety leads to many regrets, and I'm comfortable having a list regrets. I would rather have a list of mountains conquered, than a list of shoulda, coulda wouldas. 

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FULFILLED TIP #1 - Stay Prayerful

. You probably could have guessed that the first item of business on any list about fulfillment would start in prayer. The difference between what you can do and what God can do begins and ends in your prayer closet. If prayer isn't your thing I am willing to bet that it is the one ingredient that your casserole for success is missing. Prayer  has the power to shift and shake everything you know. Prayer can take you from the lowest of the lows to sitting among kings, presidents and other highly esteemed people

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