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Thank God it happened

I’ve spent months sulking over what it feels, I’ve lost. “Why would God afford me such joy and peace, to allow it to be snatched from me?!” I would ask. Tonight it became very clear, that I had been focused on what I had lost, that I forgot what I had. I forgot that the last year had been one of the best of my life. I forgot that it was year of firsts, and that the prayer I prayed for 9 years had been answered. Sure I never saw it playing out like this, but it happened. I lived pure bliss. 

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Fulfilled Tip #4 - Emotions make us human.

I had a conversation a month or so ago that didn't quite go the way that I expected it to. As a matter of fact it hasn't quite fit into any of 67634 scenarios I imagined. Maybe because the conversation isn't complete, which sounds bonkers because it's been closer to two months since we sat down. Something happened though that I didn't expect, and it shook me to my core: I went numb. I couldn't feel any of my emotions. It was weird at first but it soon became unnerving because I was knocking a number of milestones off my list but I couldn't recall how I felt in those spaces because I didn't feel. Everything was bleh, which made the experiences inexperienced. I was there I did them, the honors were conferred to me but I missed them. 

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