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Thank God it happened

I’ve spent months sulking over what it feels, I’ve lost. “Why would God afford me such joy and peace, to allow it to be snatched from me?!” I would ask. Tonight it became very clear, that I had been focused on what I had lost, that I forgot what I had. I forgot that the last year had been one of the best of my life. I forgot that it was year of firsts, and that the prayer I prayed for 9 years had been answered. Sure I never saw it playing out like this, but it happened. I lived pure bliss. 

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Satisfaction. Gift or curse? You tell me. Satisfaction is something we are trained to seek. If I go out to eat and I am not in the least bit satisfied with my meal, we are trained not to pay a dime until we have been satisfied. Yet satisfaction in the wrong things is the very thing that will keep you bound in somethings you never knew was binding. Satisfaction will hold you prisoner and have you convinced you're in heaven. Satisfaction in the wrong things at the wrong time can very well keep you from the destiny and the future that God so graciously aligned for you. On the flip side satisfaction in God will promise the delivery of the things that you have desired for the duration of your life.

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