Satifaction is only safe, when the one you're satisfied with is Jesus

Reverend CoJo

Satisfaction. Gift or curse? You tell me. Satisfaction is something we are trained to seek. If I go out to eat and I am not in the least bit satisfied with my meal, we are trained not to pay a dime until we have been satisfied. Yet satisfaction in the wrong things is the very thing that will keep you bound in somethings you never knew was binding. Satisfaction will hold you prisoner and have you convinced you're in heaven. Satisfaction in the wrong things at the wrong time can very well keep you from the destiny and the future that God so graciously aligned for you. On the flip side satisfaction in God will promise the delivery of the things that you have desired for the duration of your life.

Satisfaction. Gift or curse? Both. It depends on how you decide to dress it up. Are you dressing it for a dinner date into the unblissful world of monotony or are you dressing it up to find contentment in waiting with and for God. If your answer is the latter then you have just made the perfect cocktail for a life well done, and life well seen, paired with the coveted words well done.

Satisfaction is one of those things that is seemingly impossible to find in the things that should be gratifying but the most difficult to avoid in the things that shouldn't be satisfying. What do I mean? We find satisfaction often in a day of doing little, we find satisfaction in the chocolate shake we have been craving, we find satisfaction in the imperfect person that can keep us from exploring our fullest potentials. Is it not hard to understand why it is so difficult to find complete satisfaction in Christ, when he is the only one that can satisfy us. It is not that we can't find satisfaction in him, we have been trained that being with him, will not yield the type of satisfaction these shallow endeavors can. That is the biggest lie that you can ever tell yourself. Complete satisfaction and wholeness comes first from God and everything else is just an added bonus. We have it backwards, thinking that we have to find wholeness in other things and other people and that God is a bonus is the pathway to a life unfulfilled. 

Fulfillment however comes from seeking God First. Not in somethings but in every single endeavor. Including when it is inconvenient, to do the will of God.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
— Matthew 6:33

In the last year I have had a multiplicity of opportunities to further my own platform. I have had opportunities to make more money than people I consider successful, and I have been afforded the opportunities to be someone that people can say is somebody. The problem is that when I would seek the face of God he was guiding me in a completely different direction. So the first opportunity I left, and did not accept, and was able to do ministry that was breath taking. I was satisfied. Until of course people reminded me of the money that I could be making. When the next opportunity presented itself I turned it down 3 times before I accepted it. I don't think I should have ever accepted. Everyone around me thinks it was a good decision, but it has impeded me in ministry because I am unable to plan, and prioritize those that I am called to.

Satisfaction. Good or bad? Good, only when it is satisfaction in Christ. God does not desire for us to be satisfied with anything else alone, because we will no longer be seeking his will, or his plan.  So be Satisfied in Jesus, but hungry for his will.

Be Satisfied in Jesus, but hungry for his will
— N. A. "CoJo" Jones