N 2 M C - Texting Ettiquette

The Double Texter

Relationships are one the trickiest things to master because we have so many unspoken rule that each generations governs itself buy. Now that texting is the new normal, we have rules on what you can say and when you can say it. For one double texting is usually bad. Until of course the relationship is advanced and then all of the relationship phopas typically run right out the closer you get. You always seem to be able to tell the people you feel comfortable with by your text thread. 

This of course shouldn't be an example, as a matter of fact this is the antithesis of a healthy relationship. "Dude" was ghosting whomever this was, and the poor kid didn't get the hint. I'm going to deal with ghosting in a future post because it deserves its own point of energy, because it is one of the true weaknesses that this generation suffers in when it comes to our interpersonal relationships. 

Double texting however in the beginning  adds an heir of desperation. When you don't have anything to do other than to text one person it paints you as a boring person. Although you very well may be bored, and have nothing else to do but text "Dude" do you really want to be the person whose entire fulfillment in this moment is hung up on the response of someone who doesn't even have the decency to respond to your text messages.



Double Texting...

Is it good or are you a stalker?

I think this goes a few different ways, but the buck of breaks down to 2 things 

1. Boring people are always bored. Your life shouldn't always revolve around the acceptance of someone you crave. Whether you're happy this evening should not be solely contingent upon a good text back. We are all guilty of it, there tends to be at least one person in our lives that can shift our entire mood. Don't give someone that much power. It is much easier said than done, but when your life revolves around the thing that you're passionate about, relationships should enhance what is already whole. 

2. People who don't have the decency to acknowledge you don't deserve you. As one of the most busy people I know, I forget to text back like anyone else. I can't always respond when the messages come through, but I make it a point to express to people that they are important. I apologize when it takes an absorbinate amount of time to respond, because their time is just as valuable as mine is. 

The Dry Texter

Dry Texting

Why not just say how you really feel?

There seems to always be the people who are less interested in you than you are than them. You know the people who are dry with you all the time no matter what you say or how you say it.

So here is what I have noticed in recent days, is that Dry Texters are only dry when you seem more interested. The moment you stop showing interest, they would hop back in your messages, with full character and emojis, THAT IS WRONG. Playing hard to get is stupid when it comes to the good guys. 

If there is a good guy or girl in from of you treat them them as what they are GOOD. If they aren't any good, don't bother with being in their inbox. 

If you have an issue with someone dry texting isn't the way to "punish them. Have a conversation on the phone or in person about the things that don't sit well with you. Treating someone as if they aren't worthy of your attention is RUDE. If you believe someone isn't worthy of your time don't respond in the first place. 

The Childish Texter

Then there are the people who are sill texting as if we all don't have full qwerty keyboards. English still applies when yo are communicating. It shouldn't take me 20 minutes to decipher what you are try to say. This is not morse code.


English Class Still applies.

Texting is great tool, it however is not the only tool to communicate. Texting is great for when you can't pick up the phone. It however is not good for having great sentimental moments. Face to Face is one of the most valuable tools we have.