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I am Not ASHAMED of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Let me make this clear, I may never ascend the heights of this world's elites, or I may top them. I may earn a simple living, or I may belong to the 1%. I may never marry, or I may spend the next seventy years with the love of my life. I may never have any children to call my own or I may have house full. Only God knows. What I do know is that I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I will defend it, I will preach it, I will live it. Everything else is just a bonus to already superb life. I am in love with a man who has given me the perfect love story, its the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

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N 2 M C - Texting Ettiquette

Relationships are one the trickiest things to master because we have so many unspoken rule that each generations governs itself buy. Now that texting is the new normal, we have rules on what you can say and when you can say it. For one double texting is usually bad. Until of course the relationship is advanced and then all of the relationship phopas typically run right out the closer you get. You always seem to be able to tell the people you feel comfortable with by your text thread. 

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