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Entitlement: the pipeline out of faith.

I  imagined small houses but I could have never imagined how tiny their homes were. To imagine that 6 children 2 parents and a grandmother lived in that teeny tiny 3 bedroom home is a nightmare. Yet they overcame. These aren’t foreign stories, but yet they were grateful. Not only were they grateful, they faithful to God. The incredible thing happened. As they all grew up in poverty, they grew out of poverty. All of them can fit they childhood homes in their new homes a few times over. 

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I am Not ASHAMED of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Let me make this clear, I may never ascend the heights of this world's elites, or I may top them. I may earn a simple living, or I may belong to the 1%. I may never marry, or I may spend the next seventy years with the love of my life. I may never have any children to call my own or I may have house full. Only God knows. What I do know is that I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I will defend it, I will preach it, I will live it. Everything else is just a bonus to already superb life. I am in love with a man who has given me the perfect love story, its the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

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