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Genie Prayers

God isn’t your genie in a bottle. Let me say it again for the people in the back, GOD IS NOT YOUR GENIE IN A BOTTLE. His wish is not your command. God is the CEO of the universe, and he just so happens to desire relationship with you.  That relationship isn't a "command it, be so" relationship. When we think of God as our Genie in the bottle we belittle him to a servant. Christ did model servitude, but that was so that we would reciprocate the example. The deity of God is mighty and majestic, and was not designed to be your personal butler. 

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Entitlement: the pipeline out of faith.

I  imagined small houses but I could have never imagined how tiny their homes were. To imagine that 6 children 2 parents and a grandmother lived in that teeny tiny 3 bedroom home is a nightmare. Yet they overcame. These aren’t foreign stories, but yet they were grateful. Not only were they grateful, they faithful to God. The incredible thing happened. As they all grew up in poverty, they grew out of poverty. All of them can fit they childhood homes in their new homes a few times over. 

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