Brick & Mortar

Have you ever wondered why your relationships don't seem to yield fruit Even you friendships are always hitting a wall? Yall hang out for a little while, but after awhile everything always seems to go left. I have a theory why:

Let's say that the Alpha personality or the man in the relationship are bricks that help build your relationship

Grade A Bricks

Strong, can hold plenty on their own

Now let's assume that that the woman or the Beta personality is the cement or the mortar. 


Creates Rock. Can bond anything together. Once cured can withstand the the tests of time.

We have good materials so in the foundational stages of the relationship whether platonic or romantic, everything seems be moving along, because you're just collecting materials. You're collecting information about them to determine whether this person is worthy of a top spot in your life or not. 

When it's time to build you have a problem, because, there is no mason, so you're looking at one another with no ability to bind yourselves together, or to build anything bigger than yourself because there is no mason



one who skillfully uses brick and mortar to build something bigger and better. 

The mason is God. Your relationship is nothing, if you don't allow God to be the one who builds you up and binds you up. You can be the strongest brick on the maket, or fastest dring cement out there, but without a skilled mason, you are just a pile of brick and mortar, serving no purpose. You may be thinking that I don't need to include God because we have private time everyday, or I go to church on Sundays. Every endeavor you exclude him is an endeavor that will never reach its potential.