Live for Christ. Dress for You.

My apparel has been a topic of discussion my entire life. My mother and I would get into arguments over my clothes ever since I knew how to argue. The irony is that the crux of how I dress has never changed. I have been heavily starched since I was eight years old. I have had an extensive collection of button down shirts since about that age as well, and the things that have change have been the maturity of my eye.
Around June of last year I got a phone call from my grandmother complaining about the way that I dressed, and it lead to my mother buying me new church clothes and me being fairly depressed for a solid few months. It was toward the end of 2015 that i came across I diary entry I wrote years ago, that said, "Live for Christ, dress for you." It was that moment, a peace came over me. I was reminded that the questions that have flooded my way my entire life, we going to continue to flood my way, regardless of who I tried to please. The reality of it is, someone is aways going to have a problem with something you do.
So Live for Christ. Dress for you. You can't go wrong.