Fulfilled Tip # 6 - Greed will bury even the lucky eventually.


Greed will take you where your morals can't keep you

Reverend CoJo

Want to a know a secret? I strongly relate to the men in "Wolf of Wall Street" and "Wizard of Lies." Both movies are set on wall street and are true stories of men who went to prison for various forms of financial fraud in the stock market. It is never my goal to defraud anyone but I would be inclined to believe that neither of those men began with the goal to rip anyone off.  That is one of the scariest realities in the world for me, With a degree in Finance and a degree economics it coud be easy to understand. This summer I visited New York City, and got to spend a good amount of time on Wall Street alone. I felt at home on Wall Street, but I hated New York. The Moment I stepped on Wall Street, though, I felt kindred spirits with the aura there. 

Why is that Scary?

For me this is beyond scary because I do everything to be a good person, but I have always been attracted to making money work. For a long time I joked that I could make your money "twerk," because I have gift when it ocmes to understanding commerce and how to manipulate it in your favor. Just as long as I've been a businessman, I've been a preacher. Making sure that the two don't collide has been a tango I've been carefully dancing for years. In ministry my goals are sincierly to save the lost, and strengthen the lost, but in business, its a by any means necessary approach, and just like helping peopel is innate, so is business. 

What I've learned recently though is that when your focus is on the tool of accumulating money, it is easy to loose your purpose. When we start taking and working just for te sake of having and not to do anything we loose the focus of our lives. Money is just a tool. When it becomes the objective, you're on the way to a fall. 

Greediness does a few things:

  1. You can't recieve with a closed fist. When we get to a place where we are overcome with greed we shut our hands to give to anyone. On  the flip sied of things is, you hsut yourself off for anyone to give to you. 
  2. Greed corrupts your morals. When money and possession become your focus there isn't much you won't do to get it. You'll look up and find yourself in places you would never imagined going. When you realixe you have fallen so far, you'll be in a pit that you don't know how to get out of. 
  3. Causes you to miss life. When you are engulfed in getting the next dollar you aren't present to see the beautful moments life has to offer. We miss milestones with our signifcant others. We miss our kids hit the ball out the park. 

Hard work is not bad thing. As a matter of fact hardwork is great, but when you get obsessesed with the resource and not the source (God) there is a grave problem.