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Fulfilled Tip # 6 - Greed will bury even the lucky eventually.

Want to a know a secret? I strongly relate to the men in "Wolf of Wall Street" and "Wizard of Lies." Both movies are set on wall street and are true stories of men who went to prison for various forms of financial fraud in the stock market. It is never my goal to defraud anyone but I would be inclined to believe that neither of those men began with the goal to rip anyone off.  That is one of the scariest realities in the world for me, With a degree in Finance and a degree economics it coud be easy to understand. This summer I visited New York City, and got to spend a good amount of time on Wall Street alone. I felt at home on Wall Street, but I hated New York. The Moment I stepped on Wall Street, though, I felt kindred spirits with the aura there. 

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