Beat Gravity

beat gravity

Greatness has to break the Gravity of its environment

T. D. Jakes


You are the product of your surroundings. We have all heard it, and we have grown to accept it. It is true, but it is not law. The law of gravity says, simply put, “What goes up must come down.” Everything is pulled toward the core, and that works with our friend group, it works in your family nexus, it works in your romantic relationships. If everyone around us is on the highway to nowhere it is likely you are headed to the land of nowhere as well, but that doesn't have to be the case. You can however beat the odds, but in order to beat the odds, you have to work harder than those who have Gravity working in their favor. 

One of my absolute favorite things on this Earth is to swim. I love to swim so much that I make it my practice to swim everyday and when I'm very stressed I swim twice a day. Swimming is harder than walking and running, but yet it causes less pressure to traverse on your joints although walking through water seems like one of the hardest feats to do. One of my staple work outs in the gym is called aqua-jogging. When I first started aqua jogging my instructor told me that marathon runners aqua jog to work on their form and their speed, because we weren't made to run in water, we were made to run on the ground, so the circumstances that the water creates is much more difficult that you would experience on the ground. Some of us have realities that are much more difficult than other people have know their entire lives. That's not an excuse for you bow out or to step down. This is an opportunity for you to see what you can really do. There are riches buried deep down inside of you that are ready to used. Tools on the inside that are begging that you take them off of the shelf. Your reality is not greater than your capacity. You can do this! The gravitation pull is just a road black, bur road blocks are meant to be travelled around. Don't let the gravity of the situation keep you from trucking through. You're stronger, better, and greater than your circumstances. Don't you ever forget that!

N. A. Jones