Here recently I was conferred ordination. It was a very humbling experience, and I over the moon excited about continuing ministry. Something came to my attention in the last few weeks, that I heard but never paid attention to. During my catechism, it was heavily emphasized the gravity of being an ordained minister and that people will look to you differently. My whole life people have been saying that, and so it was no new reality to me, but what I didn't realize that there was now a new target on my back. People were watching me before, but now one fall, one slip, is an excuse for someone to fall out of church, into bad habits, or away from the faith all together. 

So here's what happened, I was minding my own business, and here comes some slight temptation. Someone slides in my DMs. Tha'ts cool, or whatever, but then the conversation turns from cordial to beyond suggestive, and as a lay person it is expected to engage in such conversation. I am not saying its right, but in the culture that we live in we have become flippant with the discourse of our conversation that we accept anything. In that moment it became evident to me, that I can't engage in all conversation. No matter how single I am (and I am very single) I can't entertain any and everything, because not only are people watching, but both heaven and hell are watching. Heaven is watching and rooting that I stay away from temptation so that I may be able to convey he word and it be recieved, but Hell is hoping that I take bait. If I take the bait then the conversation becomes, "You are just like everyone else, why would I follow Christ?' 

New Levels require new standards. Regardless of whether you are in minstry or not, when you are in places of elevation know that people are watching, and you can be difference between someone succeeding or failing in this thing we call life. We have targets on our backs and both Heaven and Hell are warring to win you and those who follow you.