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Lemonade Faith

To understand faith a little better let's think of faith as a glass of lemonade. If faith is the substance of things hoped for, hope is the actual glass that holds the faith. The substance that is faith we can think of as the lemons, water,  and sugar. If you remove the sugar you no longer have lemonade. If you get rid of the lemons its just sugar water. When you combine all the three together, you have a delectable drink for a hot day. 

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I think it is very interesting how our relationship with God, as we do this thing we call life, shapes how we perceive various things. For close to 8 years I have been an intensive student of love. I have read tons of books on boundaries, marriage and dating. I have read hundreds (probably more like thousands) of articles on relationships, and how people perceive one another. I have become so good, that often I can tell you why a relationship happens the way it does. I have read books that express the importance of the each phase of the relationship, I have explored the 4 types of love that we find in the greek. Something that didn't come from extensive research, or picking and prodding the minds of the greats, was this idea. This idea came from my communion with God one day.

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FULFILLED TIP #1 - Stay Prayerful

. You probably could have guessed that the first item of business on any list about fulfillment would start in prayer. The difference between what you can do and what God can do begins and ends in your prayer closet. If prayer isn't your thing I am willing to bet that it is the one ingredient that your casserole for success is missing. Prayer  has the power to shift and shake everything you know. Prayer can take you from the lowest of the lows to sitting among kings, presidents and other highly esteemed people

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