I think it is very interesting how our relationship with God, as we do this thing we call life, shapes how we perceive various things. For close to 8 years I have been an intensive student of love. I have read tons of books on boundaries, marriage and dating. I have read hundreds (probably more like thousands) of articles on relationships, and how people perceive one another. I have become so good, that often I can tell you why a relationship happens the way it does. I have read books that express the importance of the each phase of the relationship, I have explored the 4 types of love that we find in the greek. Something that didn't come from extensive research, or picking and prodding the minds of the greats, was this idea. This idea came from my communion with God one day.

One day, not long ago I was sitting on my porch, having my daily prayer and devotion time. When the Lord gave me this. It may sound goofy, but God meets us where we are, and he knows that I understand food. What I received is this:

1. Love is like a cupcake. You are the cake portion. The cake is fully functional, it tastes good, it is a whole cake. The cake doesn't need anything else to be made whole. In that way God made us whole human beings. We don't have to have another human to exist. Our existence is predicated on the tapestry he designed us in. In many cases, I have will eat just just that cake portion of the cupcake, I don't always need icing.


cojo-vanilla bean

the safe bet

This cupcake will always be good. There is nothing special about it, but there isn't anything terrible about it either. 

2. Nasty Cupcakes. Every now again we bite into a cupcake that tastes terrible with the icing and so we remove the icing, but the icing tastes good apart from that particular cake. In that way, we could compare that to two good people, who are bad for one another. Everyone, is not meant to be paired with everything no matter good or bad they are. I love worchestershire sauce on my steak, and I love chocolate cake, but to pour worchestershire sauce on my cupcake, you've just taken to delectable items and destroyed them both by pairing them with the wrong things.

Not for me at all...

There isn't anything about a pancake on a cupcake that I want to try. We don't compliment one another, nor are we similar.  However, I guarantee it is all someone has ever dreamed about. 

In the same vain, I like lemon flavoring, but I am not a big fan of lemon cake, especially lemon cake with lemon flavored icing. To me there is nothing to cut the flavors, too much of the same thing can destroy a good thing.

wild card

Now this combination is good every now and then. I  love oreos, and I love chocolate, but too much of either of them gets old quickly. This is no match made in heaven, but when we are young we probably could enjoy some good times, but its short lived. 

3. Once you taste a cupcake with the perfect icing combination, you never want to experience your cupcake without it. Love is this way. The right person will shift your perception on your existence. So often we have tried to make it work with good people, we have thrown combinations together because they work separately, so surely they would work together, when that is so far from the truth. Our palette for love, is not what our eye for love is. It looks good to the eye but it is going taste bad to the soul, sometimes it is necessary to step out and try new cupcake combinations because you never know who may change your life.


Game changer

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would like red velvet cake (I hate red velvet cake). One day I tasted a red velvet cake with an oreo whipped icing, and a chocolate filling, and the harmony in my mouth made me rethink the way I think about cake. 

 You must remember, that just because it tastes good to you, it may not taste good to everyone else. This Oreo red velvet  cupcake maybe my match made in heaven, but it is probably disgusting to anyone else. In real life I hate red velvet Cake, but last Christmas a friend baked an Oreo red velvet cake it was crazy good, and I couldn't believe it. Under any other circumstances I wouldn't be inclined to even taste such a cake, but circumstances were right and I tried it, and like it. Love isn't about formulas about what works and what doesn't (although people write books and have theories about). Love is predictably unpredictable. People like me hold onto what's predictable but the unpredictable is what's makes it worth while.