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I think it is very interesting how our relationship with God, as we do this thing we call life, shapes how we perceive various things. For close to 8 years I have been an intensive student of love. I have read tons of books on boundaries, marriage and dating. I have read hundreds (probably more like thousands) of articles on relationships, and how people perceive one another. I have become so good, that often I can tell you why a relationship happens the way it does. I have read books that express the importance of the each phase of the relationship, I have explored the 4 types of love that we find in the greek. Something that didn't come from extensive research, or picking and prodding the minds of the greats, was this idea. This idea came from my communion with God one day.

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Love is a choice

Not a secondhand emotion, nor is it simply defined by chemical reaction. No desire can come from the oxytoxicin your body releases for being around someone who is a check mark on your list, but to love is a concious decision. No we don't choose with whom our bodies find themselves drawn too like the ocean is drawn to the moon at high tide. We make a choice to allow ourselves to be loved. To pocket the deafening screams of shame, and place vulnerability on display, in hopes that someone too, might love you. Love though is not driven by the reciprocations of a beauty wrapped in gorgeous skin, no love gives in spite of. Love pours itself out not that it might be caught but that it may be received. 

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