Fulfilled tip #5 - The greatest truths in life are uncovered with simple, steady awareness


Some of the greatest epiphanies in my life didn't come from deep thought or intentional meditation. The moments that have revealed the course for the next little bit of my life came in moments when I was simply present. My first book came to me title and all while I was going for my daily swim. My second book came while I was teaching a group of 50 teenagers. I realized something I had been looking for in a person had been sitting in front me for 3 years.   

People write all the time about some special formula for embracing life. The magic formula is to live in every moment. If you're typing a paper, be present. If you're talking to someone be present in that conversation. Listen to what they say, and how they say it. When you're having a playful moment put the phone away, because the key to epiphany moments is that you embrace normal moments. Normal moments are the birth place of phenomenal moments. You can't dare to tap into an new level if you can't be present in the moment. The moments that are phenomenal are rarely planned they are serendipity, and your eyes just need to be open to receive them all.