Live the Truth


Truth is the Birthplace of Freedom

Reverend CoJo

I have never felt wrong about telling the truth. I have however been afraid of how others perceive my truth. Truth however is the most liberating things to speak and live. In every relationship I have ever had (both platonic and romantic) the veil came off when all of the cards were on the table. When there were no longer life changing truths hiding in the darkness and the truth was out there, there was no longer a need to walk on eggshells or to be afraid of perception. Perceptions was no longer reality, because reality was now perception, because reality was cemented in truth. It mattered not what things looked like because this person has already accepted you inspite of the things that otherwise cause us to be dysphoric. 


Truth I believe is only hard because of the lies we have habitually fed ourselves. How ironic, we are afraid of the truth because of lies. The antithesis of the truth, would be the one thing that keeps us from living our freest existence. The purpose of a lie is to conceal the truth, out of the fear that the truth may not be received. Our issue is that we run from truth because we believe it will isolate us from people who do not like the story it tells. If we are isolated from people who despise truth we are  essentially protecting ourselves from darkness. 


Telling the truth hasn't always been easy, as a matter of fact the thing that I always got in trouble for was not telling the truth. It was always much easier to say what sounded good rather that what had really transpired. It never failed though, that lying made a bed of more trouble, while no matter how ugly it was the truth alway created a much better existence. I recently told a friend a truth I had been harboring for a year and half, and it was the hardest thing I have had to do in 3 years. I knew that I could continue with a suppressed reality that ignored what I was allowing to rot in me, or I could let it out regardless of the idea that it could ruin a relationship that I cherish. Time will really only tell what will happen, but I have never regretted being honest. As much as I wish things didn't quite look the way that they did, at this very moment, I am relieved to nolonger be harboring a fugitive on the inside of me. For that the sting of being completely vulnerable was worth it. 

 The truth liberates. Run toward liberation.  

N. A. Jones