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Immediately Obedient

In seasons where God speaks, and I don't agree, I have found myself guilty of bargaining with God. So When he speaks it takes me far to long to move. In 2018, it is my sincere goal to be imediately obedient to the voice of God. I don't want to miss the rhythm he has set in motion for my life, I want what he has for me now.

22 But Samuel replied,

“What is more pleasing to the Lord:
your burnt offerings and sacrifices
or your obedience to his voice?
Listen! Obedience is better than sacrifice,
and submission is better than offering the fat of rams.
— 1 Samuel 15:22

Don't miss God, because you're trying to do you.

Tug O' War

So you're ready to make a change. You're gung ho about making this life so much better. You're in this thing, and now you split down the middle."Why don't you know what to do?" You know what's right, but your body is telling what it wants. Why is this happening? What is happening.

Whenever we get ready to shift something in your life it creates a tug of war between your flesh and your soul.

Get Ready to ... SHIFT

Entering the end of the year, here in a few weeks everyone is about to start making new years resolutions. I want to challenge you to make your resolutions now. There is no better time than today. Why wait a month, when you could be a month in by the time the new year comes in. A new year does not automatically mean a new you. A new you is contingent upon you deciding to change. So will you change?

Jaws of Life

I grew up around firement, and handymen as well as businessmen alike. One cool thing about the firemen is that there is this tool called the Jaws of Life. The Jaws of Life can cut open even the most binding of situations. They cut through cars and entrapments as if it were child's play. 

Sometimes we need to be that for other people. Sometimes we need to be willing to cover those we care for. For some reason we are programmed to be all about ourselves, but every now and then we have to step outside of our own self seeking motives and hold it down for someone else why they try to regroup.

Leaving? Say Goodbye

In a world where people can be unsure whether or not they ever found the grounds to terminate a relationhship, some of us leave things unsaid in the event we wish to reenter someone's life. IN relaity the best way is to exit in a way that a re-entrance would be accepted. When you just dissappear you stir up so many emotions that the you return probably will be received with a skeptical heart.

Inventory: Don't Forget What You Still Have...

Reverend CoJo chronicles a time where it seemed like everything that matter was lost, but forgotten how important everything else was. CoJo got so upset with God that , and didn't look around to see all the beauty that was left. Don't get so hung up on what was gone that you neglect what it left. The things that are left are the things that can help get you to the next level, but if you neglect them, you'll never break into what God has for you on the next level.

Your destiny is not tied to the one that left
— T. D. Jakes

Just keep living, and keep smelling the roses all around you. Hang Loose, everything will be just fine.

Want to Fix it? Let's Talk it Out...
If you can talk about it, you can fix it.
— N. A. "CoJo" Jones

Healthy relationship typically have one common ingredient, good communications. Inspite of this one fact we seem to run for the hills when comes to having hard, uncomfortable conversations. The conversations that are the hardest tend to yield the most fruit, that's why they are so difficult. As always say, if you can talk about it, you can fix it. Fixing it isn't always reconciliation. Sometimes fixing it is walking away. Sometimes fixing it is new beginning, and sometimes fixing it places you in a better place than ever before. Talking about it is a conversation act. You have to seek to understand, and second to be understood. It has to be a two way street to gain insight on what really transpured. Talking about requires vulnerablity, you have to be willing to show who you are with your whole heart. Your whole heart sometimes seems like steep price, but almost always being seen, is worth it. You'll never know though if you don't sit down and try.

Relationships: You want a "Boaz"...but are you a Ruth?

I think everyone has the potential to be apart of something iconic. Everyone can be something groundbreaking. I don't hover believe that everyone can beeverything to just anyone. I do believe that we are more to be with one more than others, but we still have to put in work once meet that person. 

While people tend to praise Ruth & Boaz's relationship, I don't think they realize that it didn't matter how much Boaz loved her, or how much he extended to her, if she would not have made a move as well. He provided her a covering and resources, but it was still her move. There comes a point where you can provide all of the best love and security, but in order for it to work it must be returned.

It didn’t matter how much Boaz loved Ruth, it was still her move...
— N. A. "CoJo" Jones
God, Family, Football...

I was right here on the plains last weekend as my school Auburn University hosted the Iron Bowl. In Alabam, the iron bowl is just as big of a holiday as Thanksgiving which subsequently falls just 2 days before. We talk trash year round about which team is going to ge this year's bragging rights. This year of course (just like recent years) Alabama was pretty sure they had what it takes to secure a win inside of Jordan-Hare Stadium (where I have witnessed miracles happen). We watched what will go down as one of the greatest iron bowls of my time (just short of 2013 of course). 

Being from Alabama, there is a pretty solid way of life that most of us embrace (some a little more than others). Love the Lord, Love your family, and Love football. What makes it even better is when you can take all three and makes something great. That's what Reverend CoJo does in this episode of Life School. 

Must Be Present to Win

Sometimes love isn't about the money that is in your wallet, but love is about being present when you have to sacrifice more than the average man will. If you want to have larger than life relationships you have to present in ways that small people aren't will to be. You have to remember the things that matter, and be there when it counts.

Being present is just as important as supporting. Sure money talks but your presence and your attention speaks much louder. Don’t be sucked into this idea that support is all about the check book. Support is about the sacrifice. 

Prayer: A Cultural Necessity

I have said it, I've written it, I've taught it, Start with God, Stay With God. Prayer is not an option in today's society if you you wish to thrive in all parts of life. Prayer is the differnce between what you can do and what God can do. If we're honest that's a pretty huge difference. You need to remain connected to the source of life, otherwise you'll just be existing, and that is no fun at all.

How to have it all: One bite at a time...

Have you ever wondered why it seems like successful people have their cake and seem to eat it too? Truth of the matter is, it probably has't always been that way. Life is all about process, and the only way to increase your capacity, is to regularly eat more and more.

So you may at be able to handle all of your dreams today, that doesn't mean that you never will be able to.


What are you Made of?

We are a mixture of our best and worst experiences. Everything that happens in us and with us shape us to be everything that we are today. Don't fight the negative experiences because they are the things that shape you to be who are and who you'll be. So many of us focus on the ingredients that we miss what the ingredients are making. Very few people like boiling water to consume, nor do we make it our custom to eat a raw potatoe, but after the 2 have spent time together, there is a number of great things that can come from the combination. Trust the process!

God Conscious

So I have a confession. I have not marketed myself the the way that I ought to have because I have been self conscious. I have been afraid of what people might say or think of me. i have been self conscious about how I may be received, and all the while I neglected to pay attention to what God was doing. I was watching him do things through me, but I was afraid to tell people because I was self concious, and not God conscious.

And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.
— John 12:32 KJV

It is like I completely forgot what the word says, even though I have pinterest board that literall called "lift Christ, he'll draw all men." Don't be so self conscious that you forget to be conscious of the wondrous things God is doing and trying to do through and for you. Don't be self conscious. Be God Conscious.


If you're wondering where your blessing are, I am willing to bet that you have an obsession that is hindering you from meeting your blessings. Sometimes we are obsessed with social media, sex, drugs, alcohol, or even a person; it means that we are not obsessed with God, because an obsession takes over your complete focus. God wants your time, and your focus. He promises that if you will give him those things, he'll give you those things your heart desires. 

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
— Matthew 6:33 KJV
Harvest Season

Everybody gets so excited about harvest Season. When you pray for harvest, do you know what you’re really asking for? Yes harvest season means that you’ll finally get to enjoy the fruits of your labor, but are you prepared for the work what is required in Harvest Season? Harvest Season is one of the hardest seasons of life, but it’s also one of the most rewarding. Few people get to tap into the reward, because they can’t handle the process of harvesting. 

Reclaiming My Time

In the beginning of the world God have us this amazing gift called dominion. To have dominion means that’s we have not only power but authority in the Earth and all of its creatures, this is our territory. We’ve been charged to care and protect it, as well as enjoying it. We know that God is a God of Order, anything out of Order you had to allow. Since he give dominion and freewill it’s YOUR CALL what you allow in you, with you and around you. Hell cant Break loose unless you allow it. Your life can’t fall apart unless you allow it. Although Satan has reared his ugly head, the only way he can stay or even be an influencer is if you allow him to! If you knew the power you had, your life would be wildly different.

God created the Earth in an order in line with divine numeration; everything has an order. What you allow is what you get. Time is an unrenewable Unreplaceable commodity. How you spend it, is an important decision that you make every single day. Be weary who let capitalize on your time. If they are wasting your time reclaim your time. If they aren’t sure of your value, reclaim your time. If they seem to be taking advantage of you reclaim your time. Don’t waste your time doing things that don’t elevate your or move you closer to Christ (thus elevating you).