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Jaws of Life

I grew up around firement, and handymen as well as businessmen alike. One cool thing about the firemen is that there is this tool called the Jaws of Life. The Jaws of Life can cut open even the most binding of situations. They cut through cars and entrapments as if it were child's play. 

Sometimes we need to be that for other people. Sometimes we need to be willing to cover those we care for. For some reason we are programmed to be all about ourselves, but every now and then we have to step outside of our own self seeking motives and hold it down for someone else why they try to regroup.

Must Be Present to Win

Sometimes love isn't about the money that is in your wallet, but love is about being present when you have to sacrifice more than the average man will. If you want to have larger than life relationships you have to present in ways that small people aren't will to be. You have to remember the things that matter, and be there when it counts.

Being present is just as important as supporting. Sure money talks but your presence and your attention speaks much louder. Don’t be sucked into this idea that support is all about the check book. Support is about the sacrifice.