Home is inside [the Soul].

(of a person) finding intelligence sexually attractive or arousing.

First impressions are lasting. I can't speak for you, but it is very apparent to me in the initial moments of meeting someone whether I want to get to know them or not. Here's whats dangerous, you can't build a lifetime of fortitude with a mere attraction to someone's looks. After the looks fade (honestly before) you're going to need someone to talk to, life is going to hit, and you're going to need someone to lean on. When we tie ourselves to someone who can't do anything for us, but make feel good in a few moments of passion behind a close door, we lock ourselves out to a life understood. 

Life most of us we find ourselves physically attracted to more people than we find ourselves mentally attracted to. Fewer people are going to understand you, than are going to be attracted to you body. We have places so much attention to the package, and not it's content, and we are still wondering why we are unhappy. The shell doesn't carry the worth, but we invest in it as if it does. Looks are cool, because they draw us in, but once you've been drawn in, what keeps you?

I wrote once, but was to cowardly to send (maybe I'll go ahead and send the poem, because my sentiments haven't changed) this musing on my intentions toward a beautiful human being.  

My goal is not to explore the unexplored depths of your body,
nor is it to give you your own notch in my belt.

My goal is to explore the unexplored depths of your mind and your soul,
and make my home there.
— N. A. "CoJo" Jones

There is very little reward to seeking physical gratification. It's ok in the moment but with the wrong person it isn't what its cracked up to be. Our bodies try to convince us that they need these moment of intinmacy with the wrong people because our bodies are unaware the power of soul mating, they are just focused of physical mating. Our bodies are so much louder than our souls are, we mistake the groans and cries of our loins for a need and not a want. When the sould knows, instead of screaming, it dresses itself in a familiarity that says home in uncharted territory.

 The reward of falling in love with someone's soul and not their body allows you to love through a lens that only God could create. It allows you to forgive, and love harder than you have previously known. In order to be able to fall for the soul you have to silence the flesh. Which is hard. Harder than hard. It not impossible though. As much as I hate fasting, fasting works. Fasting isn't alwasy food, more often than not, its denying what ever the problem area is. If you're looking for intimacy with God and man, you need to stop being physically intimate. If you searching for intimacy with Christ, you may need to put the phone down and pick up the word. How you go about it should be customized to you, but you can't obtain intimacy on a soul level while pimping out your body and mind.