Pursue Your idèe Fixe

idée fixe is a preoccupation of mind believed to be firmly resistant to any attempt to modify it, a fixation. The name originates from the French idée, “idea” and fixe, “fixed.”

It carousels in your mind. You dream about it. You get excited thinking about it. Your heart throbs when it runs through your mind. It seems far-fetched, but it could be your thing. Only if you sprint in the direction of the stuff your mind is fixated on. Most of us have an idea or two that we can't get our minds off of. We all seem to have that one thing that captivates our energy, and it doesn't seem to matter how things seem to look, there remains this modicum of hope in the back of your mind. Short of insanity, that's your existence and maybe even God trying to point you in the direction of your destiny. 

All of the men I know who are happily married knew that the women that they would marry were to be their wives very early on. There was something about them, often incomprehensible about these women that remained in the back of their minds. It didn't matter how many other girls they tried to place in their space; there was never anyone who fit as their wives did. Eventually, each of them came back and admittedly realized that they knew then that these women were extraordinary. 

Why? There are some things that were ordained before the foundations of the world. There are certain needs that only some people can cater to while there are only certain people can receive some types of love. I believe that when God made us, it made us with companionship and marriage in mind. So when we meet our soul mate (per se), it is often as if our souls met before our bodies were ever made. What I honestly thought was a can rubbish until I had a moment where I felt the same way. How someone can feel like home, and you barely (or don't even) know their name? But it's the love story of enduring love all over the place. If you can't get her off of your mind, pursue her. Don't Stalk her, but pursue her.

Beyond the matters of the heart, this applies to matters of the mind, the wallet, and the person. When something is fixated in you, and tugs at you, pursue it. Granted don't pursue immorality. If there is something you want to do, and you've put it off because it doesn't make sense today, it probably won't make sense tomorrow. Take a leap and do the things you can't stop thinking about, there is probably good reason that you can't stop thinking about starting that business. There is probably a good reason to buy the land. There is probably a good reason to take that trip, but you will never know what the prompting is all about until you leap. Sometimes you leap, and it doesn't quite turn out the way you hoped, but often that leads you to something you could have never imagined, making the leap and the fall well worth it. 

Are you willing to leap? Yes?

  1. Ask yourself, why am I fixated on this one thing? Is it for my ego or is it for my happiness? Pursue the things that you think about that simply bring joy. For me I have four things that take me to a place of sheer joy. For all four of them it is a constant pursuit, but it is always worth it
    • The presence of God/Ministry
    • Out on the water, whether adventure wildly or mildly.
    • Playng music. Sometimes for me thats on the piano, other times it is a ministry thing standing before a choir directing
    • And with a certain person.
  2. Ask Yourself what you need to do obtain the thing that your mind is fixed on? What will you have to do to obtain this thing?
  3. Write the plan. Make basic, intermdiate and ultimate goals. We tend to stick to things when we can see the progress bit by bit. 
  4. Implemement the plan. Commit to seeing it through in every season.