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Home is inside [the Soul].

First impressions are lasting. I can't speak for you, but it is very apparent to me in the initial moments of meeting someone whether I want to get to know them or not. Here's whats dangerous, you can't build a lifetime of fortitude with a mere attraction to someone's looks. After the looks fade (honestly before) you're going to need someone to talk to, life is going to hit, and you're going to need someone to lean on. When we tie ourselves to someone who can't do anything for us, but make feel good in a few moments of passion behind a close door, we lock ourselves out to a life understood. 

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Pursue Your idèe Fixe

It carousels in your mind. You dream about it. You get excited thinking about it. Your heart throbs when in runs across your mind. It seems far fetched, but it could be your thing. Only if you sprint in the direction of the thing your mind is fixated on. Most of us have a thing or two that we can't get our minds off of. We all seem to have that one thing that captivates our energy and it doesn't seem to matter how things seem to look, there remains this modicum of hope in the back of your mind. Short of insanity, that's your existence and maybe even God trying to point you in the direction of your destiny. 

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