Successful Woman. Love Repellant?!

The Successful Man

Highly sought after. Desireed by many. For most American women success goes right along with tall, dark and handsome. The success of a man is seen as a positive in every portion of his life. When is a man is successful politically or in business he is seen as a status sybol of sorts. 

In recent days close to 10 articles have passed by my desk that all went to the toon of, "You can go so far by yourself, but when pushed by the right partner you can go to higher heights. the story is told by President Barack Obama, as he speaks about how Michelle is the reason he has ascended to the heights he has. Warren Buffet talk about his wife teaching more about investing than anyone else, and Warren Buffet is regarded as the wisest investor in the world. For men success is a badge that is heightened by the right person on their arm. 

The Successful Woman

The successful woman conversely is thought to be some type of unicorn. More often than not, if a woman doesn't find a successful relationship before she begins to ascend the heights of success the odds of her finding love and not just partnership but the honest soulmate seems to dwindle, and it is rediculous why that is. I've done a great deal of study into the "why" of plenty men and women, and it boils down to a few things.

  1. Successful Women have walls. Not just any walls but walls that are as comprehensive as the great wall. Over time they have been misunderstood because of their unapologetic hustle. Sucess is not something that comes easy, and it requires commitment and devotion, and sometimes at the cost of tending to the needs of another. When we neglect relationships often women are guilted for not choosing the person before them, but rather the opportunity. Although they don't show you, that hurt, pains just like anyone else. Overtime instead of dealing with the hurt, they bury it and it becomes a wall so that they don't have to bear such pain ever again. The problem presents itself when she is middle aged and has arrived, and after she rules the world by day, she comes home to a cavern of loneliness. Often the walls that stand tall is praise as them being titans in business but in love no one wants a titan.
    • Average Men aren't willing to penetrate said walls. Phenomenal women are gold mines on a soul level. In order to penetrate the value of a goal mine not only do you have o dig deep below the Earth's crust, but you have to invest in the proper equipment to dig. After you have done your digging, you now have to go through a deep process to turn the rock into glimmering shing gold. Where the successful woman comes up short is that very few people are willing to endure such a process to unveil hidden riches buried deep inside. Few men have the patience, tools, and skill to find and claim their home there inside such beautiful souls. 
  2. Successful Women aren't down with the games. It is no secret that I loathe today's dating world in every aspect. From they way that women call men thristy for showing interest to this netflix and chill culture to the fact that we buried with cowards who live under the umbrella that its easier to text. These games have built a culture that expects anything short of romance. The successful woman used to going above and beyond, so why should she settle for your half thrown attempt at a thrown together reationship. She desires more, and let us be honest: she deserves more.
  3. Its a pride thing. If a woman is more successful than I, how does that make me look. If I'm the bread winner, I look like I'm carrying out my many duties, and all is well with the world. on most days there are 4 options:
    1. Date someone who makes more than you. 
    2. Be alone. 
    3. Date someone who diminishes your value
    4. On rare occasion: Find a man who is willing to place ego aside and build with you.

So the successful woman is a complex being, but my charge to the ladies is to hold true to your desires. Wait on the fireworks, because waiting for fireworks is much better than simply having a warm body  next to you. Wait for someone who makes you see the world through a new lens, someone who makes you feel free but grounded at the same time. Love is always worth the wait.

To the men: Do the work. They are worth all the effort in the world. The right woman will ground you when you're floating, and propell you when you stuck