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Inventory: Don't Forget What You Still Have...

Reverend CoJo chronicles a time where it seemed like everything that matter was lost, but forgotten how important everything else was. CoJo got so upset with God that , and didn't look around to see all the beauty that was left. Don't get so hung up on what was gone that you neglect what it left. The things that are left are the things that can help get you to the next level, but if you neglect them, you'll never break into what God has for you on the next level.

Your destiny is not tied to the one that left
— T. D. Jakes

Just keep living, and keep smelling the roses all around you. Hang Loose, everything will be just fine.

God, Family, Football...

I was right here on the plains last weekend as my school Auburn University hosted the Iron Bowl. In Alabam, the iron bowl is just as big of a holiday as Thanksgiving which subsequently falls just 2 days before. We talk trash year round about which team is going to ge this year's bragging rights. This year of course (just like recent years) Alabama was pretty sure they had what it takes to secure a win inside of Jordan-Hare Stadium (where I have witnessed miracles happen). We watched what will go down as one of the greatest iron bowls of my time (just short of 2013 of course). 

Being from Alabama, there is a pretty solid way of life that most of us embrace (some a little more than others). Love the Lord, Love your family, and Love football. What makes it even better is when you can take all three and makes something great. That's what Reverend CoJo does in this episode of Life School. 

Must Be Present to Win

Sometimes love isn't about the money that is in your wallet, but love is about being present when you have to sacrifice more than the average man will. If you want to have larger than life relationships you have to present in ways that small people aren't will to be. You have to remember the things that matter, and be there when it counts.

Being present is just as important as supporting. Sure money talks but your presence and your attention speaks much louder. Don’t be sucked into this idea that support is all about the check book. Support is about the sacrifice. 

How to have it all: One bite at a time...

Have you ever wondered why it seems like successful people have their cake and seem to eat it too? Truth of the matter is, it probably has't always been that way. Life is all about process, and the only way to increase your capacity, is to regularly eat more and more.

So you may at be able to handle all of your dreams today, that doesn't mean that you never will be able to.



If you're wondering where your blessing are, I am willing to bet that you have an obsession that is hindering you from meeting your blessings. Sometimes we are obsessed with social media, sex, drugs, alcohol, or even a person; it means that we are not obsessed with God, because an obsession takes over your complete focus. God wants your time, and your focus. He promises that if you will give him those things, he'll give you those things your heart desires. 

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
— Matthew 6:33 KJV
Harvest Season

Everybody gets so excited about harvest Season. When you pray for harvest, do you know what you’re really asking for? Yes harvest season means that you’ll finally get to enjoy the fruits of your labor, but are you prepared for the work what is required in Harvest Season? Harvest Season is one of the hardest seasons of life, but it’s also one of the most rewarding. Few people get to tap into the reward, because they can’t handle the process of harvesting.