Mountain Moving


He moves mountains, and he causes walls to fall. Through his infinite wisdom and power, he performs miracles for sport. He dances about the heavens, and speaks things into existence and the entire universe bends to his beck and call. So how dare we think that what ever seems to be colossal in our lives is too much for the great creator to do? God seemingly created humanity because he was bored. This complexity that is the universe seems to have been born out of God's desire to just do something to keep him occupied. Much like the universe that we traverse, he plays as if it is the ultimate game of chess, but he has already foreseen every possible outcome, because he spoke the game came into being, but yet we think that the things that keep us up at night are too much for his hands. For some absurd reason we hold on to this idea that the things that were designed to whisk away our peace were designed to prosper in our everyday existence. It has already been declared that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. Standing on this we know that the destruction can not prosper unless we allow it to (By allow it to, I mean remove ourself from the shadow of the most high). As long as we are dwelling under the shadow of God, there is no force in all of hell that can prevail and remove us from safety. This not some safety tornado bunker that has a 98% safety rating. No this not some underground bunker that has never been road tested, this is one of the benefits that the psalmist was talking about when he said, “and forget not his benefits.” As long as we hold on to the benefits there is no demon in hell that can prevail. He moves mountains for sport, he places his fingerprints on all of creation because he can. 

We experience turmoil in this life not to cripple us but to shape us. We lose things, because they are destined to be replaced by greater. When we hold on for dear life to things that are not made for this level, and we are married to today, we don’t leave room for tomorrow. Just like anyone else, It is beyond hard to be vulnerable, and to let go of what you know when what you see doesn’t seem promising. The things that seem the least promising are often the things that promise us greater joy, and greater peace than we have ever know in our time here on Earth, but we have to rest in the process. The process is never simple, nor is it ever pretty. Rarely do we understand the way that God is taking us, but it is always worth it. I can’t wait to be able to look back in this season of my life, and see what the process has yielded me. I can’t wait to be in my future, and be giving complete glory to God because I can say that I made it.  In order to arrive to that place, you have to realize that he moves mountains and he causes walls to fall, and its just part of his routine. Miracle making is his favorite hobby, and when we realize that God is the God of our triumph, but also the God of our recovery, we can begin to pick up the peices and move forward in our lives. Rarely do our lives make a lot of sense. Rarely do things unfold quite the way we imagined them, but that is the beauty in living in the uncertainty of the world but yet in the arms of a certain God.

There are some walls that I am waiting to see fall. Some walls that seem to be getting taller, as I’m praying for them to fall, but it reminds me of Elijah when had hat epic show down with the prophets of Baal. He had wet down the altar, so that it would seemed impossible to burn, so that when God struck down fire from heaven it was completely evident that it was no one but him. God doesn’t delight in sharing his glory. I am convinced that everything he does is for his glory. He doesn’t do much with out the incentive of glory. Often our situation has to darken so bleak that we turn our faces completely toward heaven. When we can turn completely toward heaven, we won’t miss the miracle and we will have to run and tell everybody about this one little secret, that we just can’t hold. For all of this was the secret is that it wasn’t us. We tried, and failed, but with divine intervention, he turned our situations in the darkest of moments, so that only God could get the glory. Hang in there. It gets better. It gets brighter. Life gets sweeter.