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The Challenge to Be Well

 The 10th President of Morehouse College, Dr. Robert Franklin had five "Be Well Statements."  All five of them and few more were things I already held in regard of my own life, but because Dr. Franklin was here on Earth well before I was, I'm going to give him the nod. I do have a few others that I have attached and hold just as much in high regard.  Being well is never just succeeding in one area of your life it is succeeding in a duplicity of areas. When we can learn to succeed in several areas we go from beinng to good, to being phenomenal. 

  1. Well-Read
  2. Well Spoken
  3. Well-Travelled
  4. Well- Dressed
  5. Well-Balanced
  6. Well- Exposed*
* Is a CoJo addition to the list
Allergic to Privacy

Privacy is sometimes good, but in other ways it helps to be vulnerable with those who mean the most. Doing the tango between discreet, and real can be a challenge, but it's a dance worth doing!


Why Though?

Because, when we hide ourselves we negate the option to be embraced. When you can't be embraced, what are the of people trusting you? Very slim!  Allow yourself to be seem, its hard, but its worth it.