Get the Courage to BE YOU!

How many times have you seen an instagram post and thought to your self:

Self to Self: Why does everyone else seem to have it together?

We al are guilty. that is probably why I have slight pinterest addiction. There is a special courage that it takes to be unapolagetically you when no one seem to be like you. It takes an inexplicable level of courage to steop up and step up when you don't know anyone who has done what you vision is showing you. That doesn't mean that you aren't destined for greatness. It means one of two things. 

A) You’re probably nuts and shouldn’t b doing what you want
B) You’re genius, and you’re about to change the world, your world, as you know it.

If we're going to be honest I think the odds are you belong to be and your fears are wrapped up in this idea that you belong to A. Get the courage to be You. No one can be a better you than you.