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If we can talk about it, we can fix it.


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Life is complicated. That's no secret, but life doesn't have to be impossible. As a matter of fact there is a way to succeed in all that you do. Reverend CoJo wants you to be healthy in more ways than one. 

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The bible is our daily bread, but most of us don't know how to consume it, or even know what it really is about. Reverend CoJo is walking you through the bible page by page, chapter by chapter and book by book. Get in the Word, and let the word get into you.


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The moments that are the most important are often unplanned, and have the best stories. Hop in the Car with Reverend CoJo and hear about some of the craziest things that only happen in CoJo's world. From fish in the milk to wild adventures, let's take a trip!

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Life can be practical, with practical application. So let's share the cheat codes to this thing called life, and be successful together. There are real issues in our lives that can be sorted out as a Christian, and are best sorted out under the guide of the word.


Because mealtime to should be an experience not a chore.


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Life long student of life and the bible. Reverend CoJo always gives a practical and often humorous approach to living your best life, not just tomorrow but today. Life is messy and confusing many days but whether you're listening to a podcast, CarTalk, or reading one of Reverend CoJo's books, embrace the mess, by turning it into your masterpiece.

In everything penned by Reverend CoJo, there is one universal truth "Your best life begins with you taking a journey with God." It doesn't matter how far you can take you, you will never make as far as you are destined without some divine intervention. What better way to go about tapping into divine intervention than cultivating life journey, that is centered around God himself.



Don't be dismayed, God is always the first universal truth, but the second is always you. There are going to be days when you feel like you've been pushed to your brink, and there is nothing else you can give, but I assure you that the Dynamic duo of God and self, there is nothing beyond your reach. Dive into Pregnant with Possibility if you're not sure what comes next in your life. Get a copy of Called to the Peak. Craving the Pit, if you're not sure why you seem to be losing your "happy" and take a journey with Reverend CoJo toward your best life yet. 

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Life School | The Podcast

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Because progress never sleeps...



Keep your eyes peeled for an app hoping to unite everyday consumers with the businesses we want to help. Helping those Mom and pop business owners truly take to the next level. More info to come.

Life School with Reverend CoJo - The Podcast

Reverend CoJo's perspective on life topics that most of us are too nervous or too self righteous to talk about. Available here and on Apple Podcasts.

Hangloose XP - Coming 2018

Have you ever felt stuck? Or maybe that you weren't getting everything out of your today? Reverend CoJo has devised a series of retreats to help you feel better and breathe better,  & live better. 

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