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Hatch Early Mood Food - Oklahoma City, OK

It was a Saturday morning in mid-march I was craving some fried chicken (actually I had been craving fried chicken the whole trip). We stumbled upon this place with a weird name, and it had an hour wait for brunch y'all!! Any other morning it would have been a no. We were on vacation and enjoying one another's company so we put our name on the list and went for a walk. Grabbed some coffee from a local coffee shop, and before we knew it was our time. 

The ambiance was hip and modern. We sat outside in the perfect weather. So it's vacation so I was splurging. I had an appetizer at out of the norm but so perfect. I had beignets. Let me preface this by saying that I desperately wanted something fried because it seemed like everything I wanted I wanted I was allergic to. But not at Hatch, They didn't fry in soy and I was over the moon. The beignets came with this orange dip, that I wasn't a fan of, but the beignets were golden perfection.  

My main course, was chicken and waffles and it was accompanied by an odd hot sauce, that made my taste buds tingle. Throw in some honey a top the two and it was heavenly. I had to make modifications to make it great but the atmosphere was the perfect brunch atmosphere . 

 Taste: good

ambiance: perfect brunch ambiance

verdict: The wait was extensive. Food was good. I'd go back