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Kilwin's, Atlantic Station, Atlanta, GA

Y'all this place is greatness.  

Kilwin's is one of those places I just have to swing by everytime I'm in Atlanta. The variety of sugary delicacies is a breath of fresh air. You can get caramel apples galore with an insane number of toppings, but to be honest in all the times I have been to Kilwin's I just tasted one of their decorated apples for the first time here recently. My main squeeze is the coffee icecream (they make in house) and their freshly dipped dark chocolate pretzels. Both of which send off fireworks of serenity in my mouth. 

After you order sitting outside in the night air at this spot is the stuff that Romantic Comedies are made of. Completely quaint, but completely busy.  

Pros: heavenly desserts

Cons: always busy and packed

 Verdict: a must visit