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Pies & Pints - Birmingham, AL

The day before Thanksgiving I came into town, and I mt my mom at this new spot that I was hearing people talk about Pies and Pints downtown Birmingham. I was excited about the prospect of good food and they did not dissapoint, well kind of. I ordered the chipotle chicken pizza and it was just ok. But my mom ordered the Classic, and I am so glad she doesn't eat much because it was absolutely delicious, and I ate her left overs, and a good deal of her pizza while were sitting there. That pizza was so good that  contemplated going back on Sunday for another helping an hopefully some for the road, but I digress. 

The atmosphere was modern with plenty of clean lines, and did I mention how great that "Classic" was. I was weary when I saw it had mushroom and banana peppers on it but the flavors have never complimente themselves o well that it created a glorious 6 part harmony in my mouth. 

Pros: nice dining space

Cons: Chipotle chicken pizza was nothing to write home about

Verdict: I will most certainly be back