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Meatball Shop, Manhattan, New York, NY

So I was in search of good food while I was in manhattan recently. The fact that I live in Alabama, i had not been impressed with anything I put in my mouth in New York with the exception of maybe a sprite with lime I had at the bar at my hotel. Everything I was eating just seemed to be subpar in comparison to the food i'm accustomed to eating, because in the south let;s face it, we life big food and big flavor, and the big apple was lacking. 

We happened upon this spot called the meatball shop by way of google and we took our chances, because my dad calls us the "black italians" because we love italian food so much. I called an Uber and headed right to the spot. The spot was like something I had seem on televisuoin my entire life. I was quaint well lit and while it was moden i was very reminicinent of a homestyle restaurant. 

The menu however was everything but homestyle. They had red sauce white sauce, gravy, YOU NAME IT! They had meats for meat balls, anything your heart could imagine. They bring out a dry erase menu, and you just have your way and build your meal however you please. Mine was great. My sister's was digusting. My dad's was gross to me, and great to him, gross me. That's the beautiful thing about restaurant, you can go in any direction and make it delicious to you. Whether the people you're with like it or not, it's your plate.

Pros: Customizable. I love the menus, leaves very little room for error.

Cons: could be a tad more verbose in flavor

Verdict: If came across one I wouldn't be oppose to returning. It would proabably be a great dat night spot or a great place to go with friends after work.

Campagnolo Restaurant + Bar - Atlanta, GA

It was a January night, and definitely an evening I won't soon forget. After we road around missing exits and in search of a restaurant for close to 45 minutes decided on this quaint spot that my friend found on Google. The food looked promising and the reviews spoke highly of the place, and so sight unseen I trusted her, ready or not here we came. Pulled right into a great parking spot in such a quaint neighborhood.

The restaurant was the perfect ambiance for a quiet dinner. The nighting was low, and the wait staff was knowledgeable. The food, oh the food, was marvelous. I had the cornish hen, it perfectl seasoned, reminiscent of the undertones of a homemade chicken noodle soup. My friend had the salmon. It came dressed with with a tomato sauce a top it. When I think fish rarely do I think red sauce. She seemed to enjoy it, and remarked, "This incredibly well seasoned." Coming from someone who adds salt to everything, that speaks volumes. This is definitely somewhere we definitely have to return to. I even hear that they have live music on Saturday nights.