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Kitchen 324 - Oklahoma City, OK

When I tell you this place made me so happy on a number of different levels. Let me rewind, when I was in Oklahoma earlier this year, I had just cut out soy from my diet, although i had been allergic for such a long time. There really weren't lot of places that I could eat and actually enjoy the meal. Earlier that morning even, I had Cracker Barrel, and all I could eat were grits without butter or cheese, and some grilled chicken tenders. I was not feeling it (AT ALL) because I enjoy food for both the flavor and the experience, and I was void of flavored.  To happen upon Kitchen 324 a completely organic kitchen, for the first time in a while there were so many options for me to eat. At Kitchen 324 there were options for days, I even got to eat dessert. I got to eat chocolate cake y'all!!!!!

I personally had the Crepe Lasgna, which tasted like heaven on a plate. I didin't really think Lasagna while eating it, but it was heaven in every bite. The Crepe Lasgna was chicken, bacon, with bites of asparagus and CHEESE. Glorious wonderful cheese melted through each bite. Every bite was thoughfully seasoned and made with what I can only descibe as love.

My friend with whom I was travelling, had these sweet potatoes that were called literally what they were, SWEET POTATO, BACON, GOAT CHEESE, BURNT HONEY. I am not even a big sweet potato fan, but the 2 bites I had from her plate, were absolutely delightful. Both bites stopped me dead in my tracks, as if they created some type of nostalgia that created favorable memories then and there. These fries summed up everything in my childhood because it mixed being s kid with being a business mogul trapped in a kid body!

Need I mention dessert time. Being allergic to soy puts quite the hampering on my love affair with chocolate. 97% of chocolate anything seems to have traces of soy in it. Did their Chocolate cake? It did not. Why not? because they make their food with love and fresh ingredients. I enjoyed that chocolate cake with my glass of milk and was in hog heaven. The cookie my friend had, looked delightful as well. She offereed me a bite, but I was so enthralled with the cake in front of me I didn't take the time to taste the cookie, maybe next time. 

Perks: Organic: Allergy Friendly, delicious, accepts reservations, fresh decor, modern atmosphere.

Disadvantages: Not sure, ask me next time (lol)

Verdict: Any day any time, its a win!