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DeVinci's - Homewood, AL

DeVinci's has been a staple in my life for the bulk of my life. I have watched football games there, and I have had awesome high school memories there. I even had a couple memorable date nights there. There isn't much on the menu that i wouldn't order, or haven't ordered for that matter. Earlier this week I went with my mom, and I ordered an En Fuego pizza for the first time ever, adn I think I have a new favorite item on the menu!!

DeVinci's is the type of restaurant you see on TV on almost all of the 90s sitcoms. its a familu owned italian restaurant, that people come to eat and relax. The place, just feels like home. Not only does it feel like home it tastes like home. This isn't some cheap tomato sauce, this is top notch italian food that you can taste the love in every single bite. 

Pros: Absolutely Delicious food

Cons: Small Space, sort of prolonged wait

Verdict: I'll be back! as I have for the last 20 or so years!