Island Wing Co. - Auburn, AL

The reason I wanted to be a food critic is because of restaurants like this. Island Wing company has one of the coolest atmospheres in theory. Every booth has its own TV with a remote. You control what your group watches. The colors are vibrant, the aesthetics of the place are dope. There are some flow issues with the tables through out the restaurant, but other than that aestehiclly and gimmick wise the restaurant is nice.

Food wise it is DISGUSTING!!!! Nothing about the food is good. The problem is it should be delicious, the way the food sounds on paper, should be a total dude food moment, but not so! You can tell they use frozen artifically preserved food that they have not taken the time to enhance or even make it something worth eating. To make it worse, their food is priced well above comparable spots. 

So the first time I actually dined in, I gave them the benefit of the doubt, because my waitress was down right RUDE! Being the jovial soul that I am, I was still polite, and covered the tab, and even left her a tip. Not one of my notorious 30-40% tips but a fair 10% because her service was so poor. I returned a few weeks ago, to be greeted by a much more congenial server, so I suppose their service isn't all around poor. 

Island Wing Company is a company I want to see thrive. I think they have a model that could do exceptionally well, but not with the poor quality of food thay they serve. In their niche it doesn't have to be gourmet it just has to be real. Out of personal preference please stop baking french fries that come out of a frozen bag. If you must bake a potatoe bake a fresh potato. 

Pros: Great Ambiance

Cons: TERRIBLE FOOD. one bad experience with one server, but I dont think she works there anymore. 

Verdict: I have no desire to consume their food ever again. I would however love to come in and help them improve their overall dining experience. So if someone from Island Wing Co. sees this, please reach out, I sincerely want to help you!

N. A. JonesComment