Campagnolo Restaurant + Bar - Atlanta, GA

It was a January night, and definitely an evening I won't soon forget. After we road around missing exits and in search of a restaurant for close to 45 minutes decided on this quaint spot that my friend found on Google. The food looked promising and the reviews spoke highly of the place, and so sight unseen I trusted her, ready or not here we came. Pulled right into a great parking spot in such a quaint neighborhood.

The restaurant was the perfect ambiance for a quiet dinner. The nighting was low, and the wait staff was knowledgeable. The food, oh the food, was marvelous. I had the cornish hen, it perfectl seasoned, reminiscent of the undertones of a homemade chicken noodle soup. My friend had the salmon. It came dressed with with a tomato sauce a top it. When I think fish rarely do I think red sauce. She seemed to enjoy it, and remarked, "This incredibly well seasoned." Coming from someone who adds salt to everything, that speaks volumes. This is definitely somewhere we definitely have to return to. I even hear that they have live music on Saturday nights.