The Hangout, Orange Beach, AL

If there were place that summed up everything you think about when you go to the beach as a college student the Hangout is probably as close as you're going to get in the State of Alabama. Granted I've never swung through orange beach during Spring break season, but if I had to guess, it is probably the spot to be. From hourly foam parties, to drinks that don't drink specials, to awesome seafood, to the wonderful views of the gulf and the cleanest beach I've seen in the states, the Hangout is right up there. 

The burgers are just what you need after sitting in the hot sun. the slushies and daquiries help wash down all of the beach football you've been playing (one of my favorite pastimes). Oh the Po Boys... the Po Boys take the cake for me. I have to be honest, Po-Boys for me a staple in my diet (probably why the alkaline diet has never quite taken to me lol). They fry them perfectly to golden perfection, and it may have been because I was dunked from the sun, but he several times I have eaten at the Hangout I have been a fan of the Po-Boy. 

A side from the great food, the Hangout is just a great environment for fun and sun, and relaxation. its not one of those places you go if you're uptight and not looking for a good. On the flip side of things, its also no so wild that you can't bring the kids. 

Pros: Good Food. Fun Environment. 

Unfavorables: Depending where you sit, it can be hot, but sit inside you'll probably be ok.

Verdict: Yea I'll be back!