Dean's BBQ - Potts Camp, MS

A Sunday Morning flying down highway 22, coming from Oklahoma, 2 starving folks craving some good food, we came across this town called Potts Camp. Never in my life have I heard of such a place, and from the looks of it not many others had either, because there wasn't much to see, but you couldn't miss the BBQ joint, because it stood there alone. We get off the freeway sure this was a mistake, because between teh highway and the restaurant was nothing but gravel and grass. We were hungry, and traversing the backroads of Mississippi, didn't really avail too many option, it was time for a foodventure. 

It was dive, but it was dive I was willing to dive in for. I come a family who knows BBQ and appreciates it delicacy to the south. We have travelled the country in search of good barbecue. Dean's was in the middle of nowhere. As black folks driving through Mississippi I can not lie I was a little nervous to stop, but I am so happy that we did. It wasn't the absolute best barbecue I have had, but in the last 22 years I have had barbecue atleast once a week sometimes all week, and so my palette for barbecue is far more developed than most. Dean's was worth the stop. The meat was tender, the fixin's were simple and the people were polite. I mean they were incredible polite. 

Pros: Good food for the money

Unfavorables: in the absolute middle of nowhere. A total dive

Verdict: If I'm eating through Pott's Mississippi, we will be sure to stop!


N. A. Jones