Genesis 4 & 5 | Why hate?

We all ask the question, "Where does hate come from?" Guess what... We find our answer right here in the foundation of the World. Hate has long had it's root in the fall of man, but it crept in with Cain and Able, ever since we haven't been able to shake it's ugly disposition.

Genesis 2 & 3 | Now we need a savior

So I'm sure we've all be confused about how exactly the fall of man really worked. Sure we have the basics like they ate from the tree, and God Got angry, and that's why we have to struggle for almost everything. Do we really know what happened in the Garden, and why this is the foundation for the need for a gospel? No? That's cool, so let's dig just a little deeper into the real reasons chapter three sets the stage for the rest of the Gospel.

Genesis 1:1-26 | A Fresh Start.

In the Beginning God created the heavens and the Earth... Sure most of us have heard it, but how mmany of us truly believe what exactly happened. How many of us truly have a grasp on what was in the beginning. When was the beginning. Who was there? Let's dive in the word, and find out.